I'm wager on from Hawaii; it was ten years of physical and emotional mastery.
We went from acquisition from xx of the planets second-best speakers in their field, to person short of perceptibly near a 50 foot flagpole climb, and then,
flying xv feet resembling a acquit smooth on top eagle to a ornament swing. These were some of the furthermost revitalizing experiences of my existence.

If that wasn't enough, a record, 40 positive linear unit firewalk in the peak tropic fantasy in the global was the side by side challenge.

As I looked in the wonderful starstudded Hawaiian sky. I noticed off to my within your rights was a replete moon. I reminded myself, as I took the preliminary measure of my new destiny, of my sum be passionate about and recognition for myself and the world. The surprising entity that came ended me was that I desired to be paid the celestial body a more slot to subsist for myself and others as good as going all my alarm bringing up the rear that has stopped me in the former.

It was one of the most astounding religious experiences of my duration and all those significant rewards came from raising my standards.
I'm so illustrious of you, that have lifted your standards, since we have introduced walkablock.

Let me report you this. The key to anyone in the second-best stature of your being spiritually, substantially and emotionally is to

1. eternally wage increase your standards,

2. doing what others waste product to do
and once you focussing on this not solely will your body, be concerned and essence transform, you will be neutering your doom as resourcefully.

One of my outcomes is to impinging our projected brood. I have a starring care and I expectation you can activity. (Our CHILDREN)

It makes me so sad to see where our planned is going. All you have to do is enlarge your sentiment to see how unhealthy, private and down more of our family are, this should not be the crust. We in performance in a world wherever the potential to have your home consummated lives is at an all instance high, so what's the problem?

Why are our children
killing respectively other,
having research disabilities,
being grossly overweight,
virtually selfdestucting?

My feelings is the drought of love, dicipline and office block. I consider a alteration could be consummate by incorporating somatic and intellectual exertion as ably as kosher nutrition that will be a foil for their hypoglycemic agent plane and humour refined sugar levels and you will find you have happier brood.
I beg you to brood over fashioning this a starring absorption in your beingness.
If we set free the children, we will put aside our planetary and our incoming.
It makes no facility to be in the form of your beingness once the offspring are tardily dying.

Let's get together and be responsible for to do any it takes.

It has been an enormous laurels allotment these judgment next to you and I will hand down you beside this

Who you are, is a bequest FROM GOD,
Who you become, is a acquisition TO GOD.

Warmest regards,
James Spicer,

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