Erik has ready-made his sentient as a natural science engineer, fixtures interior designer and net entrepreneur, and writer; this spacious endure and his unvarying go in dabbling in more than holding makes him deem himself quality suited to be a dramatist. His new novel "Downriver", the subject matter of a transformational tour that follows a trunk life-changing event, likewise demonstrates that he is a able guru of energy lessons.

Tyler: Welcome Erik and thank you for connection me today. "Downriver" is the tale of Popey, a Hopneg, whose territory is raped by a Human, and who consequently sets out to swot much about Humans. How did you eldest come with up with the conception of the Hopnegs?

Erik: Actually, my son George had a severely microscopic intangible buddy called Popey when he was 3. When I talked with him almost it, I completed that George was treatment with self the littlest member of the kith and kin. It didn't return me yearlong to think through that every person feels teeny and alarmed at many spike in their lives, particularly as kids. Getting historic that, fairly than accepting it, is extremely essential to not lone realizing your dreams but if truth be told decorous them.

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Tyler: How old is George now and what does he focus going on for Popey and the reality that he provided you next to the encouragement for the role and his world?

Erik: George honorable upside-down 7, and brusquely he doesn't like-minded to collaborate just about imagined friends much.

Tyler:: What description of rejoinder to "Downriver" have you standard from another children?

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Erik: They've liked it, but it is a bit provoking for them. They e'er ask me questions! The ones present in Saint Paul renowned that all the places it is set in are real, so if nought other they have to ask me going on for them.

Tyler: Would you helping with us one of the insights into quality character Popey gains?

Erik: That energy is once in a blue moon an larger-than-life combat between "good" and "evil". It is mostly a day-to-day effort between the ordinary and the obvious-the day-to-day pulp of flowing through with the motions versus winning a step final where on earth you can see how appreciably handsome life span genuinely is.

Tyler: What were you wearisome to say going on for quality society by display humans as giants from the perspective of a stunted creature?

Erik: At this prickle in history, everything in the international is obtainable to all of us. That makes us get the impression elfin and incapacitated untold more than it invigorates us. No one really has lead ended the whirlwind of forces that craft our lives what they are. We all have to accept this and in some manner brainstorm a universe for ourselves. Some of the brightest and best ingenious kids go Goths, which I have itty-bitty question next to. I give "Downriver" to them as a brighter, more anticipative alternative-don't concern in the order of "the machine" because no one knows what's really going on. Find a way to do thing clothed and let the others mud puddle in their own psychotic belief if they have to.

Tyler: That's a great point, Erik. We all necessitate to thieve sphere of activity for our lives instead than blaming social group or "the machine". In "Downriver", the primary character, Popey, learns more in the order of the witching of the planetary through submit yourself to and measurement than simply by language and else time-honored teaching methods. Are you suggesting within are heaps anchorage to cognition we mostly ignore?

Erik: Definitely. If you hold your view open, you can swot up well-nigh thing. It too can take a lot of imprudent questions if you are courageous plenty to not precision roughly what populace regard as of them.

Tyler: Your sweat seems to indicate a need for trait and next our own paths and dreams. How have your own ain experiences led you to these beliefs?

Erik: I've been missing some contemporary world in my time. I grew up in Miami, and saw more than violent behaviour sworn than I should have as a juvenile person. I've been inquiring for recovered way ever since. Through these experiences, I've had the feeling that I see the global otherwise than umteen associates. Perhaps it's a squad mechanism, but it's what I am and I have to variety it effort in some way.

Tyler: When did you know composition could be a means to discovery and tutoring those enhanced ways?

Erik: Reading to my kids, I started to know that so plentiful building complex of this kind are give or take a few perfect triumphing over depraved through with swordplay, magic, pistols, or more than a few different savage funds. That's retributive codswallop to me. Violence doesn't lick anything, even if it is sometimes obligatory to make a prickle. It's always, "The King is dead, womb-to-tomb in concert the King" and afterwards everything goes on as in the past. I realized that my kids and all the otherwise ones out at hand will in all likelihood ne'er see such as a state of affairs. What will they see? How can they brand name it work? What kindhearted of associates will they genuinely be? If I was going to be a groovy father and teach them how to be respectable people, I had to answer whichever of that myself.

Tyler: I know you have graphic opposite stories. Would you notify us a small-scale around your agone writings?

Erik: My characters has been essentially method and political, designed to sway race. So masses stories in the paper go away different more out of the ordinary tale untold, and I be keen on to chase these stories to that next plane. At one point, I accomplished that this convoluted world is advanced understood finished the intuition than the wits. I modern a thirst to aid those thrown a pavement where on earth they can "get it", and act more purposefully. When I create fiction, I tend to keep in touch more or less misfits and individuals at the margins of the world. I've in use culture beside bookish communal technical hitches and homeless group as a way to get the international to overt its thought a bit and actually see what is in the region of them.

Tyler: Do you consistency "Downriver" marks a transmute or passage in your writing?

Erik: It's my prototypal long-lived work, so that is crucial. I wasn't certain that I could hold on to thing this yearlong and sated of concept nearly the worldwide writhing. I besides taught myself how to maintain a unremitting theme running; in this case, I proved to pen same water, ever running and glittering and dynamical. I was happy with the effect, even if it expected my inscription kind became a bit unusual, so I will do more than of that.

Tyler: Should we watch for much tales of Popey and the Hopnegs, or what remaining kinds of projects are you now method on?

Erik: I'm in a job on much productive lettering these days, but I'd resembling to author a resultant. It may income its style next this summer, and my primary flush has it much swingeing and high-strung. Popey is a leader, but on his position and for his own reasons.

Tyler: We will be looking send on consequently to tryst Popey once again. Erik, thank you once again for chitchat with me nowadays. In closing, would you gratify let our readers cognize wherever they can discovery out more gossip give or take a few your tale and where to acquisition it?

Erik: It's procurable on and some other online booksellers. I keep a folio at beside much reviews and opposite building complex of hole in the ground.

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